15 brilliant postcards you would love to send to your enemies

There is no extent to how much you hate your enemies. If you were to fill colours in their lives, it would be either all white with red spots of blood. Bad blood is actually your song! Two artists joined together to create an ultimate collection of postcards with animals and a perfect message. The postcards aim to tell all the enemies what you precisely think about them. “Burn! Burn! Burn, my enemies!” We are sure you would love to hand these to your enemies this Christmas.

1. Congratulations for gaining 5 extra pounds!

you got fat

2. I don’t why why but I love to see you cry!

everything happens for a reason

3. Fucking hate you!

fucking hate you

4. Hey ugly!


5. Hate you!

i hate you this much

6. You give me ideas on how I can possibly kill you. 


7. I will make your life and dreams a complete hell. 

I wish your dreams

8. That’s a fact!

nobody loves you

9. Oh, really?

oh, really

10. I wonder who are listening to you?


11. Unapologetic!

sorry i am beautiful

12. And you  are a little piece of shit!

sorry, I am highclass

13. Not sorry for what I did. 

sorry, not sorry

14. Stop, please!


15. OK. Thanks. Bye!

you are stupid


Which ones you would want to send to your enemies? I love #11. :P