HBO Max will be available outside the US in June this year

HBO has recently launched its new media streaming service named HBO Max and ever since the launch, it is only available in the United States. However, that is about the change. WarnerMedia has revealed that HBO Max will be available in 39 Caribbean and Latin American territories in late June 2021, including Mexico, Brazil, Haiti, Jamaica and Venezuela.

The move will also phase out the existing HBO Go service, but those with direct subscriptions will have “instant access” to HBO Max. At this time, the company has not revealed subscription prices and platform support for the new regions.

The streaming platform is expected to reach European market sometime later in 2021, although there’s no word on the timeline for that. The company is yet to reveal plans for its launch in Canada and other countries.

In the United States, HBO Max is available for a subscription cost of $15 per month and is available on many mobile and Smart TV platforms, including Amazon Fire TV and Roku as well as the latest game consoles.

Launching the services in other regions as quickly as possible could help the platform as it benefits from Warner Bros. movie release plans. Earlier, it was confirmed that all the Warner Bros. movies releasing this year will also be released on HBO Max. The moves comes as theatrical release remains a tough choice because of the COVID-19 pandemic.