If this 3 year old can understand it, why can’t the adults?

Zhang Junhao, a 3 year old Chinese wonder kid is probably the happiest kid you’ve come across. With innocence at its peak and cuteness overload, he says he loves to dance because dancing gives him happiness. To a question which most of us are still finding an answer to, this little one says laughing is happiness, when asked what happiness is. He wants to make people happy because he is happy.

Watch this bunch of cuteness and be assured, your day will be made. This cutie brings his own music system that operates on a remote control, and he dances his heart out which includes different dance forms – ranging from a robotics segment to a martial arts segment. With no further spoilers ahead, just watch it, okay?

Just the way your day will be made, make others’ too, because you have to make people happy when you’re happy, right?