What happened when Kailash Satyarthi lost his Nobel Prize acceptance speech page?

“Friends, what is missing now is of course my paper. *splits in laughter* But no problem, I will continue without that.”

Yes! This is what happened when Kailash Satyarthi was giving his acceptance speech! Such a sport he is, we must say. No matter what, we are, and always will be proud of him! The audience was left in splits too, but there was no stopping to this man.

In his speech, he said some very remarkable things. He addressed Malala as his daughter. He said, “every child is free to be a child, free to grow and develop, free to eat, sleep and watch daylight, free to laugh and cry, free to play and learn, free to go to school, and above all, free to dream.”

Watch his awe inspiring speech here:

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