What this guy did when co-worker asked him to babysit her plant is the cutest thing ever!

When a coworker asked this guy at an IT firm to take care of her plant for the next four days, the adventures and fun for the plant didn’t seem to stop with the most adorable babysitter.The sweet guy not only took the plant out of the ordinary office environment to the park and popular places, but taught the plant to drive, play at the park, work on office presentations, et al!

Let’s break the ice! Philodendron (plant) meet your new babysitter for the next four days, babysitter meet your new buddy at work and Philodendron meet your city Augusta!

Coffee Time

The plant was thirsty

More Coffee Time

Along with some hearty chat!

Post Coffee Time

When you ‘have’ to go!

post coffee time



having fun in the park

By the lake in the park


Fun at the park!

Followed by more fun!

walk in the park

Walk in the Park


walk in the park 2

More walks in the park

And more!



I am the king of the world!


Walk in the Park…

Is so much fun!

walk in the park 3

Walking on the Train Tracks

My favourite!

train tracks


Inspecting art.

Back to work

Plant can’t drive!

back to work plant cant drive

Playing Foosball!

Learning a bit about .NET training!


Smash! Took the plant to school!

To play games!

took the plant to school

Meeting with HR.

Plant got reported for something!

meeting with HR


Thought he could simply sneak around the corner!


Lightsaber Battle!

May the power be with you!

lightsaber battle

Working on Presentation

Plant knows what’s been up at work!

working on presentation

He is the Lion King

A new King in Africa is born!

lion king

During the Presentation

Plant controlling the slideshow

presentation plant controlling the slideshow


Plant will be a tree now!

promoted to be a tree

Back home!

Time to reflect on the adventures!

back home

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