[Video] The wonderful story of two gunned grannies (70 years plus) who shot down all gender stereotypes

Women rise above all.

Do you know where most of the Indian Olympic women shooter prodigies who win many medals and awards come from ? – The Dadiyon Ka Gao ( The Village of the Grand Mothers)! 

70 kilometers away from Delhi stay the two gunned grand ma-s  in the village of Johri, Uttar Pradesh. With 3 generations of women shooters, the grand mother, Prakashi Tomar, and her sister-in-law, Chandro who learnt shooting after the age of 60 at a range set up by the international shooter, Rajpal Singh are shooting down gender stereotypes. Their shooting range has given more than 30 international shooters to the Indian Olympic team over the years. We salute their strong spirits and their stand to rise up against all those who criticized women shooters around them.