Google TV rolls out new Watch With Me series

Well in this Lockdown we all have grown weary of the content we watch. Google, apparently has recognized this as an opportunity and has announced its new Watch With Me series. This series will feature celebrities sharing their hand-picked series to watch.

Google reported that the Watch With Me series will highlight series and movies adored by celebrities and entertainers. Apart from Watch With Me series displaying superstars’ #1 flicks, the series will include interviews with those curators regarding why they hand-chose a particular title to be highlighted.

Google TV’s algorithm is already very capable of recommending content to watch, but the idea behind the Watch With ME series is to allow these celebs to direct the users explicitly through a collection of movies that inspired them. The hub is one more spot to discover something great to watch, and the additional contextualization of each film may assist with acquainting users with a title they may have missed on the platform.

This might be new for Google but other streaming services like HBO Max have already been in this business for a long time and often features celebs like Gal Gadot and Zack Snyder to spotlight their favorites. YouTube has similarly experimented with the format.

Google TV’s new series will start off with a collection chose by entertainer Laverne Cox, who chose titles like Moonlight, The Color Purple, Pretty in Pink, and The Matrix, among other groundbreaking films. Google says users will be seeing the watchlist “over the next few days,” and once you have it, you can navigate it in the For You Section.