Google Photos rolls out ‘Year in Review’ story and 2020 photo book

Google Photos is a popular cloud photo storage service from Google which is ongoing major changes in terms of allowed free storage. The company has also been adding new features to the service and the latest addition includes ‘Year In Review’ functionality which will appear in the Memories carousel in the application.

Google Photos

As the name itself indicates, this new feature for Google Photos will offer users a recap of the last 12 months of photos uploaded on the platform. Users will also be able to create a 2020 photobook through the pictures of the year that has just passed.

It’s noteworthy that the company had been offering a similar feature with names like ‘Best of 2019’ and ‘Best of 2018’ but for this year, the company has opted to name it ‘Year in Review’ for the recap album, which seems to be a suitable choice to reflect on the memory of the preview year.

The story presented to the user under this new feature will sift through all the images uploaded to the cloud backup service this year. And just like other Google Photo memories, the user can tap on the edges to jump around, or opt to view all photos from a single day.

If Google Photos hasn’t notified you about your Year in Review, you might have to wait for a bit — the feature still hasn’t hit all users yet.