Sanjay Manaktala talks about why everyone should get a dog; he makes complete sense

We already shared our views on how one’s life changes, after getting a dog, or any other pet. This new fluffy member of the family won’t let you afford to spend a day without him. This is because you know that whatever changes in life, your dog will always love you, it will come wagging its tail to lick your face each day.

It seems like we’re not the only ones to think like that. sanjaycomedy completely agrees with us. In his new video, he talks about why everyone should get a dog and how it will inspire you to become a better person.

It becomes your best friend.

Get a dog (1)

It improves your life.

Get a dog (2)

You become a good person.

Get a dog (3)

And this is the best thing a dog teaches you.

Get a dog (4)

Watch the full video here to see Sanjay talking about his own experience. He will definitely inspire you to get a dog!