#DIY: 11 easy steps to make a folding beer pong table!

We have shared some DIY tricks to you – the working model railroad and the treehouse. Today, we can see how you can actually make a folding beer pong table in some really steps. A reddit user, jruhlman09 shared how he made a folding beer pong table in a step by step procedure. He had made it for a music festival that he had gone to, the other day.

1. Here are the supplies.


2. The hinges and pieces. 

4. Making of the hinge 

This is the side view of a leg hinge. There’s nothing between the pieces of wood. He went back and forth about spacers or bushings, but decided ultimately to keep it simple. The friction helps keep the legs in position anyway.

making of the hinge
5. Hinge hardware
The hinge is just a simple 3/8″ carriage bolt with large flanged washers on both sides and a lock nut. He drilled the hole a bit undersized and hammered the both through for a snug fit.
Hinge hardware
6. Framing the underside. 

underside framed

7. Line up with the top pieces

When assembling the hinges, use the flat top pieces as a flatter work surface to keep the frame level. This is appropriate if you don’t have a good workbench to use.

lining the top pieces

8. Folding it up.

You can simply set the frame up on its own, and line up the top pieces. After squaring it all up, a screw in each corner, a couple down the sides, and a couple more for the center hinge support and you are good to go.

folding it up

9. Standing it up.

It could be a if concern the table would sag in the middle due to the high force on the hinges. The solution involved some felt pads that he had originally bought for underside of the frame rails to keep them parallel when folded, despite the thickness of the hinge pins. Putting a few of them opposing each other right near the top surface, inside the joint created enough separation to level the table out perfectly.

all stood up

10. Paint it away!

Apply a coat of primer and paint the color of your choice. He chose Yellow!


11. Design it your way!

He used the 11″x17″ printer at his work to print out a couple of sizes of half block M’s. He used these as stencils and penciled in the outlines, and then taped around them. He then added the blue coats. Two coats inside the M’s on one side, and outside on the other. You can have your own design!


Done! See how easy it was! You could too have your own folding beer pong table this way! If you have any other DIY tricks, make sure you write to use!

All the images have been taken from here.