First ever GPS shoes; we bet you’ll say – ‘shut up and take my money!’

Home is where your shoes will take you! No one will now be lost any where in the world with these innovative No Place Like Home, GPS Shoes created by Dominic Wilcox. The first ever shoes to guide the wearer to go anywhere in the world are mind blowing! Well crafted shoes with mini LED lights fitted in the brogue shoe hole perforations and embedded GPS in the heels are the key notable features of these shoes.

Dominic Wilcox drawing on the sole.


The left shoe points in the right direction, the right shoe shows the progress bar.


GPS shoes can be connected to the laptop via USB. Save the map of where you wish to go and press Upload.


Inspired by the Wizard of Oz, Dominic made these shoes when the Global Footprint Project asked him to make a few pairs of shoes. Just like Dorothy could click her shoes together to get home, a wearer needs to click the shoes to turn on the GPS. Once you have uploaded your location through a custom made mapping software and a USB cable, the GPS can be activated. The ring of LED lights communicates with their wearer to take the right direction. Looks so much interesting!

The design!


Here’s Dominic explaining the entire story about the awesome GPS Shoes.

I would say, ‘Shut up and take my money!’

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