Find out how this lucky donut traveled into space. PS : We are jealous already!

Many astronauts and researchers have been to space, now it is time a donut makes the history.

Two boys named, Benjamin Johnson and Alexander Johnson, from Sweden decided to send a nice strawberry ring donut into the space. The boys took the permission and on 9th April the delicious donut traveled to the edge of space (32km up) with a weather balloon, from Askim Norway.

The boys had been planning to give this project a go since a few months. The donut spent a good time in space and came down as the balloon bursted. Here, watch their cool experiment here. 


The toy came back safe but the donut came back a bit smashed. The boys got it back and decided to eat a bit of it. According to them the lucky “donut tasted out of the world”. The res of the donut will be preserved. :)