Finally, the truth behind Rohtak brave-hearts uncovered!

Journalist, Deepika Bhardwaj’s attempt to bring out the truth behind the ‘Rohtak Brave-heart’ story is no waste!

Right after the third video was floated on the internet, the journalist set out to find out the reality of the recently popular brave-hearts from Rohtak. The girls brutally beating the boys in the video was considered bravery by many, including the state police. The boy beaten by the girls in the previous video is shown in this video, crying and narrating the entire episode with the girls and their threatening family.

rohtak brave hearts reality the victim

Seems like the current audience and the police are both impressionable and vulnerable to fall for the girls’ videos or they had lost their wits. Nevertheless, we all have the truth with us now- the Rohtak brave-hearts turned out to be known blackmailers in their nearby villages!

Watch their reality in this video!