What if our farts sounded like the food we ate?

“POO!” or “PAAAK!” but not, “PAKODA” or “LADDO”?

Ever wondered why our farts sound so disgusting even after we ate great food? Why couldn’t our farts sound like the food we ate? So instead of “Poo-poo!”, they’ll go “Chowmineeee!”. The world will become an interesting place, wouldn’t it? It will be easier to talk about the dishes we have not had from other’s farts, mothers will get to know if the kids ate the food she cooked for their lunch and we will find out if someone stole our slice of pizza from the fridge. Thinking just exactly that, here we share 10 funny Bollywood graphics to show what will happen if our farts sounded like the food we ate and how will people react to it.

1. Samosa, world’s best snack! And that’s a victory dance. 


2. Its criminal baby booty goin’ pop pop pop!


3. Maa ki Aankh


4. Hrithik will be farting his way to glory while dancing. 

hritik (1)

5. How cool it will be to fart around friends. 

kareena kapoor farts

6. That silent-stinky one at work.


7. It is a nice idea to share what you had last night in the early morning yoga classes. 


8. Choley Bhature are the best!


9. How we pray for no one to come near us because we just farted!Yeh-Jawaani-Hai-Deewani-pic5 (1)

10. When you quickly plan to leave the fart-spot and someone catches you.


11. When exercising and dancing makes you fart.