Facebook rolls out end-to-end encryption for Messenger calls

Social media giant Facebook is rolling out a few new features for the users of Messenger who switch on end-to-end encryption (E2EE). From now onwards, all the voice and video calls to Messenger contacts will be end-to-end encrypted, just like WhatsApp calls.

This adds an extra layer of protection as E2EE means that no one else, other than the person you are calling can see or listen to your calls. However, Facebook has added that you can still report messages if needed.

The disappearing messages feature is getting an update and you will now be able to activate the feature for everyone in the chat and not just yourself. The company is also offering you a choice about timing on how long the messages should be available — from five seconds to 24 hours.

The company has also announced that it will begin a limited test of E2EE support for direct messages on Instagram. However, to enable the feature, you will need to have an existing chat or follow each other.

Not just that, the social media giant is also planning to start public testing of E2EE group chats and calls in Messenger. But the feature hasn’t been rolled out and is expected to be available in the coming weeks.