Facebook launches it’s Clubhouse rival and podcast streaming

Facebook is launching its Clubhouse competitor, Live Audio Rooms. The app is similar to Clubhouse and Twitter’s Spaces. Just like these apps, live conversations can be held in the room and the host can invite other speakers to speak. Facebook being one of the biggest players in the social media market, is going to promote the conversations at the top of the News Feed above Stories. The new format also comes with creator-friendly features, like the ability to buy “stars,” the in-app gifts that help influencers make money from their streams.

The company declared today that some US-based public figures, and certain groups, can begin facilitating rooms through the main Facebook iOS application. (Individuals can join, be that as it may, from both iOS and Android devices.) Anyone can be welcomed up as a speaker with up to 50 individuals able to speak at once. There’s no cap on the number of audience members permitted in — a significant shot at Clubhouse, which forces room size limits.

Apart from rooms, Facebook is also going to introduce podcasts to its platform. With the update, users can listen to podcasts while they browse Facebook. It’s beginning with simply a modest bunch of names, including Joe Budden and Nicaila Matthews Okome, however will open up to more influencers, broadcasting their podcast over the next couple of weeks.

It’s also introducing features, similar to notifications when your friends or followers join a room and live captions. There will be a “raise hand” option to request to join the discussion, and reactions will be available to interact throughout the chat. Twitter Spaces, Twitter’s live audio feature, incorporates captions, yet Clubhouse actually doesn’t.

With the new highlights, Facebook is the furthest down the line company to attempt to rival Clubhouse, which has flooded in prevalence in the course of the last year. Twitter has additionally been putting intensely in audio with Spaces, and Spotify just launched its take on the service with Greenroom.