This funny video tells why it is tough to explain gay rights to our Indian parents

United States just legalized same-sex marriage on 26th June. Same sex people who are married will now have all the legal rights and benefits as married heterosexual couples and will be recognized on official documents such as birth and death certificates. To show our support and to see the same change in our country, many Indian Facebook users had given their display pictures rainbow colours effects. While the Indian youth that understands LGBT and gay rights celebrated the day, their parents found it difficult to understand the whole scene.

Stand Up Comedian Abijit Ganguly decided to do a sketch on how difficult it is to explain gay rights to Indian parents and it is on point.

looking at the rainbow coloured picture

When you explain that it is just an effect they had given to their pictures, the important question arises’ “What is gay?”

explaining gay sex

And then your father also decides to join the conversation and develops his own concept on closet closet homosexual.

closet closet homosexual

Watch this funny video that shows why it is tough to explain newer concepts to India parents.