These exes played ‘Truth or Drink’ game; the result is awkwardly hilarious!

There’s fun game called ‘Truth or Drink’, a video shared by Cut Video. Last time, we saw a father and a son playing the game and it was super funny. On the same, this time we have exes for the game.

The rules are simple:

truth or drink truth or drink 2

Simple, yes?


So the question asked here why, why did you breakup?


She actually did that, to inform that they’re breaking up.


And he had the most genuine question to that.


And thus followed a very weird round – body shots. It is so weird, you won’t believe me till you see these screen grabs:

body shot 1

body shot 2

body shot 3

body shot 4

And for the rest of the laughs, here is the video for you: