These excuses some men have used to avoid using condoms are shocking

Now that we are talking about gender equality, isn’t it about time that women have equal and fair say on the contraception methods as well? i-canhelp shared this video where women from different age groups and different cultures talk about the excuses men have given them over the time for not using contraception.
Not only are they surprising, given the kind of exposure to risks we know, but equally shocking. You might be able to avoid pregnancy by your traditional methods, but what about the other serious risks you’re ignoring – STDs or urinary tract infections? Think about it. Watch the video here: #FairSexFairSayIT’S TIME THE FAIR SEX GOT A FAIR SAY.SMS ‘i-say’ or give a missed call to +91 9029222189 and show your support for #FairSexFairSay

Posted by i-canhelp on Tuesday, March 8, 2016