9 comics sum up our everyday busy lives brilliantly

Every independent individual is going to relate to this post. Millennials would know the pain of a busy life. Most of us have numerous things going on in our heads at any given point. There’s no escaping it, all we can do is just find ways to make it a little easier.

Illustrator Gemma Correll, created nine comics about the busyness of life.

The main question the series is addressing: Are we losing our humanity to the busyness of everyday life?

Correll, to this question, told Upworthy,

I am, and have always been, a very ‘busy’ person who does too much, thinks too much, and doesn’t take enough time out for herself.

Here are the comics. I bet you can relate to them!

1. Like always. 

busy lives (1)

2. Every time I try to sleep.

busy lives (2)

3. Daily woes.

busy lives (3)

4. This is required, TBH.

busy lives (4)

5. Woes of a blogger!

busy lives (5)

6. Though you can go to your cat for the right advice.

busy lives (6)

7. Just got back from a vacation and now I know how much sense this makes.

busy lives (7)

8. Freaking hard.

busy lives (8)

9. Little joys!

busy lives (9)