10 things your parents do to embarrass you on Facebook

“Holy cow! How can I add her and let her see what I do online?”, “Can’t expect dad to be all cool with all we do online!” 

 For any kid it is a bit of a shocker to see their parents creating their own Facebook accounts and adding their kids to their list of friends. Because we can’t ignore them, we add them to our friends list under pressure and before we know how dangerous it is to have them on Facebook, they begin to take our happiness away with their steely, giving-out-too-much-information comments, embarrassing remarks and ugly scoldings.

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Here are 10 things all parents do to embarrass us on Facebook.

1. Too. Much. Love

They are always the first ones to put a like on your status updates.


2. Even a funny status update becomes a matter of serious inquiry for them. They just don’t get jokes!


3. ‘Good morning ji’ posts! Which attract more people than your ‘I woke up like this’ selfies!

good morning

4. Being too active on Facebook that you can’t even handle it!

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5. Reacting to your pictures with a girl or a boy they don’t know. “Are you dating him, beta? Wonder, why I haven’t met her yet!”


6. Putting their simple requests for the entire world to see. 

Not understanding that Facebook is not an alternative for sending instant messages.

get samosa

7. Leaking their private information to the world.

leaking private info

8. You can’t flirt with anyone because they are keeping all their eyes on you.

you cant flirt with anyone

9. When they pry on you!

getting into your persobal life

10. Using Facebook as Google.

using fb as google

Face palm!


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