Ellen has the perfect answer for the pastor who accused her of celebrating Lesbianism and her “marriage” on the show

When the recent news about a homophobic pastor accusing Ellen DeGeneres of celebrating ‘lesbianism’ and her “marriage” by inviting young artists like, Taylor Swift to attract young girls reached Ellen, she thought of addressing it on her show with her short, simple and funny monologue.

Pastor talks about Ellen Degenerous


She straight away went to her agenda! And declared that she is married not “married”.



How is she trying to influence people!

Ellen DeGeneres


She doesn’t want to brain wash any one!


addressing the pastor's accusations


Attention youth of the world!

Ellen hypnotizing people to be who they are


Be yourself!

Ellen says it is important to be true to yourself


This woman has got some guts and humour, we must say!

How do you like her take on the accusations made on her?

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