These guys will tell why 90s gangsters like, Dawood & Chota Chetan are past their best

East India Comedy is back with another episode of EIC Outrage and this one is hilarious and interesting as ever! Show hosts, Atul Khatri and Azeem Banatwalla are talking about the Indian gangstas Dawood, Chota Chetan, Bada Rajan, and Arun Gawli, who now have no careers at all. They are just bombers. The big news is a year after the AIB roast Tanmay Bhatt has finally been arrested in Indonesia!

tanmay bhat arrested lol

But that was Atul without his glasses.

tanmay bhat arrested

Police actually caught Chota Chetan!

chota chetan has been arrested

And this is how happy he is for being arrested. 

chota chetan has been arrested at the airport

While nobody knows why Chota Chetan is so happy for being arrested, the hosts think Chota Chetan has a wicked plan in his mind already just like the Joker. If there is anything interetsing in the news right now then, it has to be the entire episode on Chota Chetan and more. Watch the video to find out.

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