Sorabh Pant tells why Bihar elections are more entertaining than any other TV show and he is on point

If there is one interesting thing you should follow on the internet then, it has to be the Bihar elections! Sorabh Pant from YouTube’s popular comedy channel East India Comedy is back with another episode of EIC Outrage and he tells why Bihar elections are more entertaining than anything else you could watch on your TV sets. 

These elections have FIRs, booth capturing, abuse, religious fundamentalism, casteism, thrill, sex [ERROR] not sex! Popular TV shows like, GoT, Narcos, Splitsvilla, Orange is the New Black, etc. are not even close. Hands down, it is the most entertaining show on TV right now. 

entertaining show

Bihar elections have our Tyrion Lannister, Lalu Prasad Yadav. The likable, but slightly crazy halfman. 


How politicians turned into kids and came up with their own full forms. Like when Modi came up with the full form of RJD: Rojana Jungleraaj Ka Darr. Sorabh came up with his own full forms too.





Politicians taking a dig at each other be like Lalu when he called Amit Shah a cannibal. 

amit shah

Amit Shah’s response!

amit shah's response

Watch this hilarious episode of EIC Outrage and have a good laugh.