3 friends decided to play Taboo one night. You will not imagine how the game ended!

This is purely a laughter riot! East India Comedy has shared their latest spoof and this is about the best game EIC Gamers play, Taboo!

Sahil gets his girl home to play Taboo and when the teams are decided, he is asked to pair against his newly made bae.

EIC Gamers Taboo

But bae is paired with their surdy friend because hey, all punjabis get along!

EIC Gamers Taboo- teams

And that’s when things start to change for poor Sahil.

EIC Gamers Taboo- gameEIC Gamers Taboo- infatution

And it got worse.

EIC Gamers Taboo- placeEIC Gamers Taboo- bedroom

Watch what happens next with Sahil in this hilarious video.

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