9 effective tricks to cover up that gorgeous love bite!

What is it that when happens we forget the world until we look at ourselves in the mirror to spot it? A love bite aka hickey!

We often get tired of letting our hair down to hide the purple-y love bruise around our necks. Worse is the case with guys who can’t even  hide it with their hair; lifting their shirt collars every once in a while to hide the damn hickey.

Acknowledging this situation, here we bring to you the 9 effective ways to cover up your love bite!

1. Ice it!
Love bite is nothing but a bruise which is lovely to get but embarrassing to look at. Getting rid of  it by putting in a few hours of effort is nothing but a gold medal. So take a few cubes of ice in a cloth and rub it on the target area a few times during throughout the day.


2. Apply cold milk cream on the hickey.
The soothing effects of cold milk cream will lighten the marks of burst blood vessels that cause the bruise we call love bite!

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3. Tooth paste
Apply a blot of toothpaste in circular motion until you don’t feel the tingling sensation. Repeat  the next day!


4. Frozen steel spoons
Keep 2 spoons in the freezer for a few hours. Now place one spoon on the love bite and until it feels warm and doesn’t stick to your skin. Repeat the process with the other spoon.

frozen spoonSource

5. Massage the area
Take tad bit of massage cream or a body lotion and massage it on the area. Blood circulation will lighten the love bite slowly.


6. Brush it
You can use either a hair brush or a tooth brush to brush the bruise down. A little painful remedy but totally worth it!


7. Peppermint paste
Apply peppermint paste on the love bite. The cooling affects will lighten the love bite.


8. Rubbing cold cucumber
Rub cold cucumber a few times a day to lighten the love bite.


9. Dress smartly for better damage control until the proof of romance fades away! ;)
Wear a cute scarf


A nice choker to go with your outfit.

wearing a chokerSource

Or, a mandarin neck top/dress


Share these simple tricks with your friends in need right away! ;)

PS: Never try the coin trick. Rubbing it on to the skin is very painful.


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