15 easy and effective Halloween costume party ideas for all

This Halloween party be not just scary but interesting with these super cool costume ideas that you can put together with one or two props that you will have to get from a party shop. Totally better than buying or renting a complete costume! Read on to know our super swag-gy ideas and tips to complete the look.

1. Joker from the Dark Knight
Wear a suit in green or purple (black will do too) , team it up with a tie in any color that will make it pop out. Painting your face is easy. Get a can of  green hair spray from the market and bathe your hair in it. Take a knife from the kitchen. Ta-da! You are ready. Say trick o treat with your knife set around the host’s throat as you enter the party. ;)

joker 2


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2. The Mask- Jackass!
Get your hands on a suit and a weird tie. Buy a hat to go with your suit and add a feather to it. Paint your face green and lips red. You are ready.

The maskSource

3. The great Gatsby inspired costume
Take out one of your straight mid length dresses or borrow one. Style your hair so that it is easy for you to wear that shimmery hair-band on your forehead. Don’t forget to add a broach to you hair band that has strings to hang from the corner of your forehead. Wear heels!



4. Britney Spears inspired school girl costume
All you need is a short skirt in any color or checks, a white shirt, long socks, grey shrug or cardigan, furry pink hair bands and black oxford shoes. Tie your hair in pig tails and apply a lot of kohl in your eyes. It is so easy and fresh that no one will mind if you hit people with the same costume one more time the next year. :)

brittany inspiredSource

5. Cowboy
What you need? White shirt or a shirt with big checks, waist coat, a cravat to tie around your neck, denims, boots or leather shoes, a cowboy hat and a toy pistol. You are ready to be a sexy cowboy.

Iraq Daily Life GraduatesSource

6. 60’s Hippie
If you are going to San Francisco, you should wear some flowers in your hair. Girls can wear a short straight dress or a Om kurta with a belt around their waists, teamed with flat sandals and a flower crown on their heads with light makeup on their face. Take inspiration from the Indian song- Dum maro Dum.

Boys, wear a hippish t-shirt, some lose jeans, a scarf on your forehead and round tea shades on your eyes. If you could get a fake moustach then nothing like it.


hippie-costume 2Source

7. Captain Jack Sparrow
These pants are so in these days that I don’t think you don’t have them. Still if you don’t, wear a pair of lose pants, and tuck them in your boots. Borrow a waist coat from your dad, wear it under his oversized shirt in any earthy colour and don’t forget to wear one or two belts over your waistcoat. Buy a wig of braided hair and adjust it under your bandana. You are ready! :)


8. Khaleesi
Buy a wig with hair that resembles that of the GOT character, Khaleesi. Wear it with your favourite gown in any light shade and apply nude makeup. You are ready mother of dragons! Tarkharis!!!


9. The Flinstone’s Family
It is so easy to become any of the characters. Make a dress yourself in orange, brown or tiger print. All you would need is the right wig in the right color.



10. The detective, Sherlock Holmes
I bet you have everything in your wardrobe to get this look. You will only need to run to the market to either a hat like his or a wig like his hair. Mystery solved!  :)



11. Dead Creepy Hospital Staff
Girls- a white coat with red skirt, some scary makeup and a toy stethoscope to hang around your neck.

Boys- you will only have to get a white coat to wear over your clothes and a stethoscope with scary makeup.

You both are ready to scare the shit out of people. How easy! :)



12. Rosie the Riveter
What you need to get this look right? Red polka dotted scarf to wear on your head, red lipstick, blue shirt that you can easily roll up above your elbow, black pants and black shoes. You are ready to become the cultural icon of the US of A.

rosie the riveterSource

13. Bank Robbers
A well fitted black or black and white striped t-shirt with long sleep, black eye mask, black denims or tights, and a black cap with a sloppy tail.
Totally easy!

bank robbersSource

14. Masquerade mask
Can’t decide what character to become? Don’t worry. Wear a Masquerade mask with your outfit and you are ready! :)

Masquerade maskSource

15. The little red riding hood
Buy a red cape to wear with you cute little dress and you are ready. Don’t forget to say- ‘Off to grandma’s house’ as you enter the party!

red riding hoodSource

Loved the ideas? Do try them this Halloween and share your picture with me in the comments section or just tag us on Facebook or Twitter on the below mentioned handles. Ciao!