Angad Singh shares his childhood memories of being beaten by his father and it is hilarious!

The one big problem with all Punjabi dads is that their intense love for their children is equal to the intense beating they give them. Comedian Angad Singh Ranyal for East India Comedy talks about his childhood and how every dad has beaten their sons. He just can’t think of a…

EIC Angad Singh Ranyal on Punjabi Dads

He then takes the audience through his childhood memories and his dad’s most terrifying line, “Maarunga Dus, ginunga ek!”

dads terrifying line

As a kid he used to scream why, but after he and the comedian inside him grew up, he got all the guts to ask-

when he grew up

Angad moved on, and talked about how his father always compared him with other kids and why all his achievements were only “decent” to him. When he came second in class, it was only decent. When he came first, even then it was only decent.


There is more to watch! We bet, all Punjabi kids will relate to this hilarious video.

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