20 dumbest things people dared to tweet about Ebola!

Where the western countries are fighting from this pandemic Ebola virus, there are some dumbasses on the social media who are a part of an entertainment source for us. They talk about serious Ebola things but are not sure about what they really talk! The only best thing they do on Twitter is get #ebola on trending list and spread the wrong word. Smart people would surely learn from your mistakes through this, though.

After a long, tiring research, I have managed to pick up some of the best but dumb tweets about Ebola. I am sure the guys in the list below were just joking. Or am I? Well, let’s read some of the dumbest tweets on #ebola:

1. When did you see a politician curing patients? Why would they get it?

  2. Now, government should pay for your enjoyment, right?

3. What a thought!

  4.  Someone is really angry here. 

5. In which world are you living? Somewhere in forests, I guess!

  6. Honest suggestion from someone who is so intelligent!

7. Please, do some home work and then come back on Twitter.

  8. Wow, is that so easy?

9. Yeah yeah, but if #ebola is in your city, bet it would not be your favorite!

10. OK, please go and help at least 3 #ebola patients without covering yourself!

11. Hey, did someone announce that?

  12. A very noble idea to be shared on Twitter, jerk!

13.  Yeap, Agreed. You’re not concerned because you haven’t got one!

14. Please tell this to the commercials!

15. *kills Geography teacher*

16. I wish, but Steve jobs is no more :(

17.  Please take a note on what he said.

18.  No no, it is really not bad, not at all. It just kills!

19. Ebola seems to be a celebrity I guess, that is why it is in the tweets!

  20. Not. Again.


To all those who don’t know about Ebola. Please get a working Internet connection. This is not a joke.

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