Documentary filmmaker shares how he survived the deadly avalanche at Everest base camp

New York based documentary filmmaker, Michael Churton survived the deadly avalanche and massive earthquake at the Everest base camp. Accompanied by his other 4 team members, 38 years old Michael, was at 17,500 feet ascent when the earthquake came. The strong earthquake threw tons of heaps of snow and ice down the mountain on the base camp. Michael in this video shares how he ran back looking at the snow and buried himself in the ground to save himself from dying. The documentary filmmaker has not yet found one of his colleagues who had accompanied him at the Everest base camp.

‘I told the group to get down. It was about 4,000 feet of snow just coming and there was nowhere to run.’

michael churton


The avalanche killed 17 people at the camp with more than 60 injured climbers. On Monday with the help of helicopters a few of the stranded survivors were sent to the medical facility. Around 100 climbers are safe but still stranded at camps 1 and 2 right now.



Nick Cienski from Baltimore is still at the base camp greets America- ‘We’re doing really well out here. We were really fortunate that we were hit by the edge of it.