8 Bollywood song posters that tell how doctors will identify them

It is a hard job to be a doctor. With what they do in their daily lives in their clinics and hospitals, hats off to them. No matter how kind all doctors are, they are always tough people to have a good time with. Their occupation needs to be blamed. If you plan to sit down and have a good time watching music videos or movies, get ready to have your Doctor friend share their scientific approach to a dance-y Bollywood number.

It was National Doctor’s Day, yesterday. And so to give tribute to all the doctors who have been saving lives TheDesiStuff shared these hilarious posters based on the idea, ‘If Bollywood songs were looked at by Indian doctors.’

1. Acidity


2. Alzheimer’s


3. Conjunctivitis


4. Constipation


5. Fever


6. Heart Attack

heart attack

7. Insomnia


8. Urinary Infection

urinary infection