Do you know about Selfie Shoes? No, it’s not an April Fool’s Day joke

Note- Not an April Fool’s Day joke. We are bloody serious!

Believe it or not! The annoying and weird selfie-sticks have a newbie joining the family. It is called the ‘Selfie Shoes’! Yes, you read that right, mate. Miz Mooz, an NYC based shoe chain-store company, has made shoes which could help all the fashion forward ladies to be able to take selfies by sticking their shoes in the front port of their Selfie Shoes. And this is not it, pictures can be captured by tapping on the internal button with the toe. Hopeless!  You either have to be an Olympic gymnast, or a ballet dancer to take the pictures with them funny shoes!

By the way, this is clearly a prank! Happy Fool’s Day! :D