This courageous differently-abled man never chose to beg; his story is inspirational

How many disabled people do you see when you walk towards your home from the bus stand? How do you think they make a living with the kind of limitations they live with? While there are many to talk about women’s rights and children’s rights, there are hardly few who talk about the welfare of differently-abled citizens in our country.

Specially-abled people from low income or no income groups in our country have no option but to beg at some of the busy spots in our cities. There are a few who think about their needs and well-being while, others lend them a blind eye.

Fast walking day-to-day commuters walk passed them. Some ignore them and some try to help them by buying what little they have to offer. Rohit Nair, a daily commuter at the Goregaon Railway Station had seen Dilip Jain, a cripple who could hardly speak trying to make his ends meet by selling a few everyday items that he carried in a briefcase.

Dilip jain goregaon railway Rohit Nair picture

Rohit found Dilip inspiring because being a cripple, Dilip could have resorted to begging act but what he did was very respectful. Rohit had thought of helping Dilip but could never stop by. He was either busy or too late for work/home.
A year later, Rohit got the time to sit with Dilip, to get to know him and to help him by buying his merchandise. When Rohit got to know 50-year-old Dilip’s story, he felt grateful.  He could not stop himself from sharing Dilip’s story with the world.
Dilip Jain with Rohit Nair
Dilip is a true inspiration and an example of the statement, “never back down.”
50-year-old Dilip is not looking for anybody’s sympathy. He refuses when people try to give him more money as ‘tip’ or just money without buying anything from him. He sells pens, pass-covers, handkerchiefs and combs that he carry in his little black briefcase.
What Dilip Jain sells in his suitcase
Dilip is a self made man who not only supports himself but also his sister. He sits at the new crossover at Goregaon railway station everyday from morning till evening.

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Posted by Rohit Nair on Monday, July 27, 2015

Reading his story truly uplifted our spirits. If you stay any closer to the Goregaon Railway Station or travel from it, do stop by to encourage Dilip.

If you know a hero who inspires you everyday, do share their story with us and we will be happy to spread a word about them.