How one woman alone turned Asia’s largest slum into a hub of creative artisans

Asia’s largest slum, Dharavi is home to many migrants who come from surrounding rural areas looking for better opportunities in the city of dreams, Mumbai. People say around millions of residents live in Dharavi. Some even think criminals live there.


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However, there are many talented artisans and skilled workers who live in the tiny houses of Dharavi. These incredibly skilled workers are paid a rather less amount for the quality work they do and hard-work they put in their work. Leather artisan, Mohd. Rafiq Shaikh acknowledged the fact that online selling gives him more return and he gets fairly paid for the work he does. The hassle of getting in touch with a whole-seller, and then a retailer is tough and they end up making more money than he does.

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The problem is there is no constant income source.

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So what changed came in Mohd. Rafiq Shaikh’s life?!

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Urbanologist with a background in Journalism and Urban Planning, Megha Gupta, founder of when walked into the tiny allies of Dharavi, she noticed the life of the people living in make shift shelters and also the hard work they put into creating many artistic goods. She saw the potential in the people of Dharavi and introduced to online selling and the internet.

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Abbas, a pottery artisan who has decided to sell his products online to make the most of his talent and skills too believes internet has all the potential to make it big.

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Many artisans have not started to enjoy weekend offs which earlier, they never used to. They have even started to have a good time with their families now that they work only when required and are able to make the amount of money that they should. This is all because of one woman who is behind the idea of bringing all the talented artisans from Dharavi together. offers quality goods including, bags, accessories, clay and pottery products, shoes, apparels, corporate gifts, and customized products too. Watch’s story shared by Our Better World.