15 hilarious comic strips explain the everyday life and problems of a woman

Sarah C. Anderson is a popular web-comic strip creator who shares one semi-autobiographical comic, Sarah’s Scribbles every Wednesday and Saturday. 23 year old cartoonist and illustrator’s web comic is a hilarious take on everything that happens in the life of a modern woman. Anderson is a graduate from the Maryland Institute College of Art. Her web comic strips are so adorably cute and funny that you will find them simply awesome. Her simplistic cartoons and their beautiful ability to tell what a girl wants and thinks is very apt and totally relatable.

1. Every Facebook post ever!

facebook post ever


2. Her Facebook timeline!facebook post ever

3. You relationship goals be like!

relationship goals

4. When you think to yourself that you will only sleep for a while.


5. Complaints with the clothing companies.

compains with the clothing companies

7. When puberty strikes.

when puberty strikes

8. Different ways to use your boyfriend

different ways to use your boyfriend

9. About the expensive bras they wear!
about bras

10. You after reading a book.

after reading a book

11. Your thoughts on kids!

about kids

12. And about looks

about looks

13. On running into people you hated in school.

on old school mates

14. About binging and hogging.

on binging

15. When you need to head to work early and you encounter a mammoth of a problem.

on dressing up

Man vs. Woman

man vs woman

The stupid ass zit!

the zit

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