She saw a “cute guy” on her way to the airport, twitter decided to find him for her

What do you do when you spot a cute guy on the street but miss the chance to make the move? Come back home, cry over how unlucky you are and how much your life is a complete bitch! A similar thing happened when Mumbai-girl Priyanka spotted a “cute guy” at MG road in Gurgaon while she was on her way to catch her flight to Mumbai.

All she could do was to take a picture of the guy. She decided to tweet about the “cute guy” to find him on the internet. She began.

She declared that she found her new crush in Delhi but it was sort of impossible for her to find him again now that she was leaving the city.

She went on talking about her with her feelings and decided to find him on Twitter.

 She asked Twitterati to help her out in finding the guy.

Twitter decided to play cupid and everyone got to finding the “cute guy” for her and started tweeting and identifying the location and the logo printed on the guy’s t-shirt.

In not time the hashtag started to trend on Twitter. And so a guy decided to make most of the opportunity.

 While others decided to have a great laugh.

Trolling at its best!

Some even tried to take their chances.

Looking at the huge number of responses she received on Twitter, Priyanka thanked everyone for trying hard to help her find her cute guy crush.

All hail, the cupid Twitter!

We hope she finds the guy and he is single. <3