Here’s a short sci-fi film about the 26/11 attacks to remind you of the tragic event in the most creative way

The affects of the attacks of 26/11 in Mumbai are imprinted on the minds of each of us. While some of us have decided to get on with life forgetting the event, a few now look back at the event and share their unforgettable experience. Nikhil Wadhwa is one of them!

Nikhil’s short sci-fi film, Lucid features original footage and pictures from the attacks of 26/11.

Nikhil features himself as the protagonist who is a cyber mastermind and could hack into extremely protected data. He is on a mission with the Indian government who has kept him in an old hospital in Delhi to break into the ex- prime minister Manmohan Singh’s email account to fetch the data of a soon to happen terrorist attack intercepted in an email. While finding the terrorists’ location, Nikhil realizes that he has been trapped in his own mind due to the heavy doses of sedatives given by the authorities. Now Nikhil will either go into a deep sleep or will wake up to come back to life, only on one condition- we die!

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