The way she raised her kids reminds us of the countless sacrifices our mothers make

Words can barely describe the kind of sacrifices and hardships mothers go through, to raise their kids. From giving up their own careers to dedicating their lives for their kids – they do it all.

Humans of Bombay shared this story of a mother who raised her kids to be fine citizens in ways which makes us proud of and reminds us of all the things each mother goes through, to raise her kids. In her own words, here’s what she said:

I brought my children up, teaching them the value of everything at every step of the way. During their engineering years, they would barely spend any money. My son here began to take coaching classes while he was still studying to help us out. For a very long time they didn’t know that I had sold my jewellery, but when they found out they were so touched — from their first earning both my sons bought me a gold chain. They have both started coaching classes, to fulfil my dream of educating thousands like my sons who have to struggle to get an education. My values have gone further than any expensive car or watch I could have gifted them– because today they have a compassionate heart towards children who are ill-affording and they educate hundreds of such children, free of cost.

We have nothing, but respect for and every mother who gives up everything for her kids, selflessly. Here’s the full story:

“We have always lived in a joint family. When my father in law was alive, things were great – everyone was living in…

Posted by Humans of Bombay on Sunday, January 10, 2016