#CollegeWaalaDost – these 15 posters perfectly describe all your college friends!

No matter where you are right now or what you’re doing, there is a part of your life which you shall always remember and cherish forever – that is your college life. The major reason which makes it so special are your friends that are going to stay forever till your lifetime!

Check out these posters so perfect by Zaffingo which will sum up all your college friends!

1. We hated these kinds, but still miss them, now!

CollegeWaalaDost (1)

2. Confession – I belonged to this category!

CollegeWaalaDost (2)

3. These are the kind of friends you need to keep forever. 

CollegeWaalaDost (3)

4. Who could resist watching those amazing episodes of F.R.I.E.N.D.S., though?

CollegeWaalaDost (4)

5. Those were the days! Sigh!

CollegeWaalaDost (5)

6. Wish more of us could have made this into a reality.

CollegeWaalaDost (6)

7. Let’s just admit it, chai and sutta won’t be ever as good as it was back then, during college days. 

CollegeWaalaDost (7)

8. Ahem!

CollegeWaalaDost (8)

9. Maybe we have a car with us to travel now, but this dhamki is something we miss!

CollegeWaalaDost (9)

10. Aaand then there were these kinds! 

CollegeWaalaDost (10)

11. The most useful ones, though!

CollegeWaalaDost (11)

12. They could be entertainment reporters!

CollegeWaalaDost (12)

13. This happened every 2 minutes, just to be precise ;)

CollegeWaalaDost (13)

14. I used to hate these sessions, tbh.

CollegeWaalaDost (14)

15. Loved these ones!

CollegeWaalaDost (15)

Does this remind of your good ‘ol college friends? It does, I am pretty sure! Go, share the article with them right away!