Hilarious video shows what happens when a Chennaikaaran meets a Mumbaikar

If you make a chennaikaaran and a mumbaikar sit in one room, you will find out that they have more differences than similarities.

The way they read the daily news-

chennaikaaran and mumbaikar reading and finding news

The way they drive around.

Mumbaikar can have the audacity to sleep in the car leading to a traffic jam, while a Chennaikaaran will make sure he concentrates on the street to make sure he doesn’t cause any trouble. Two different people!

driving around chennaikaaran and mumbaikar


But! There is still one thing that binds them together!

mumbaikar and chennaikar meet and how


Watch this hilarious video by Put Chutney and Being Indian with- Ashwin Rao as the ultimate chennaikaaran and, Sahil Khattar as the bindaas and chilled out Mumbaikar to find out.