You can now sell your poop and get $40 for each sample!

Here is a great news! Now you can sell your ‘poop’ and you will definitely have a buyer. Yes, guaranteed! OpenBiome, a non-profit company will be delighted to buy your stool sample and pay you for it. The company works on creating lifesaving fecal transplant treatments for patients infected with a bacteria which is highly resistant to antibiotics- Clostridium difficile aka C. difficile.

This infection is fatal and causes diarrhea. 250,000 Americans each year get hospitalized and about 14,000 die of the infection.

The best way to treat C. difficile is fecal transplant. Doctors use highly invasive nasogastric tubes (NG tubes) or colonoscopies to put the donor fecal into the gut of their infected patients. The treatment has been a success since it was conceived. However, there is a newer method of putting frozen fecal matter but it is only 90% better than the traditional treatment.

OpenBiome collects samples, test them and preserve them for the hospitals for the treatment. They pay the regular donor of fecal if they agree to share multiple poop the samples every week.

poop chart openbiome

Donor criteria- The donor needs to go through blood tests, stool tests, health screening, BMI check and most important of them all, they should be residing closer to the hospital. The donors get $40 per donation and $50 for coming 5 days a week to deposit the poop. They also offer prizes for bringing the biggest poop, most number of donations, etc.

Wish such a hospital open near you vicinity, me too! :)

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