Brave woman stood up against eve-teasing in Bangalore in the most courageous way

Hundreds of cases of crime against women go unreported each day. Ashamed of the consequences to come and due to lack of support, many victims decide to stay silent and not report the incidents however; this was not the case with Bengaluru resident, Remi Rusha Sen.

25-year-old, Remi who works as JW Marriott’s senior executive, was walking back home from work when a man sitting behind an auto-rickshaw groped her backside and tried to pull her skirt down. The incident reported occurred at around 9 pm. Instead of being scared or embarrassed, Remi screamed at the auto riding towards Lavelle Road and took another auto to chase the offender.

After following him for half a kilometre, Remi stopped the auto. As she confronted the offender, the crowd gathered around her to support her. Her colleague had informed the Cubbon Park police, who arrived at the spot in no time. The offender, Ajmal Ahamed A M was found under the influence of alcohol. His driving license revealed he was a former auto-rickshaw driver and his vehicle was seized due to irregularities.

The offender pleaded mercy and said that he belonged from a good family and had kids to take care of. However, determined to give him the punishment he deserved, Remi lodged an FIR against the offender.

Police supported Remi and even suggested to take a legal action against the man so that all the offenders could learn a lesson.

Ajmal Ahamed A M was taken to a magistrate and is now in jail.

The deputy commissioner of police praised Remi for her courage and presence of mind as reported by IndiaToday.

Photo: Facebook\Remi Sen