10 questions that every boy likes to ask all the girls but does not

It is not that boys do not wonder about what girls do and why they do what they do. The fact is that all men dread the idea of asking any woman all those questions. So we decided to answer all those questions for men.

1. Why are you so jealous all the time of the other gorgeous women around you?i was the prettiest


2. Why do you get pissed when we do not open the door for your or pull the chair for you?

Because gentle men are sexy!

you come with me


3. Why do you love yourself so much?i recommend it


4. Ladies, why do you always fight with us on your first day of period?first day of period


5. Why are you pissed right now?center of attention


SORTEDD decided to ask a few men all the questions they have for women and then, went around looking for the answers.

6. Periods!

what do periods feel like

7. Why do they complain about not being asked out!

why do women complain that guys dont approach them

8. Why can’t you go the restroom alone?

why do you go to the washroom in groups

9. Why do you take hours to get ready?

why do you take so long  to dress up

10. What do we say when you ask this dangerous question!

hey do I look fat

Watch this funny video to know all the answers to these questions.



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