This has to be the best father-daughter dance ever!

For a girl, her first love is always her father, he always is the king, and she is always the precious princess who is the apple of his eyes. Dads are the most amazing people as they protect them against all odds, spoil them, give them wings and not to forget, they take the daughter’s side in every fight. For a girl, her dad is her super-hero, he is the ultimate benchmark she sets to find a soul mate, but unfortunately, no man has ever reached that level, they are just incomparable.

A daughter’s wedding is a father’s dream, he always get emotional about it but he tries to do everything he can, to make that day special for his baby girl. Apparently that wasn’t the case for David Wilson, as just a week before his daughter Lisa’s wedding he was hospitalized to UCI medical center, Orange, California as he was struggling with a severe case of cancer. Well, what his daughter did to include him in the wedding will just bring tears to your eyes.

He couldn’t go to the wedding, so she brought the wedding to him, because whatever happens, she could not miss that first dance with her daddy. Even if he refused to do it, as he wanted her to have a wedding of her dreams, she didn’t back off and married her finance Robert Pantoja. Along with pre-wedding nuptials, she made him witness the D-day of her life.

Even though he couldn’t move from his bed, she danced by moving around, holding his hands, leaving him speechless.

It’s only a daughter, who can understand a father’s importance in her life, and what Lisa did, was something beyond words. Even though David died Tuesday night, he made it to his daughter’s wedding.

If you are also your daddy’s little princess, you should totally see this and share it.

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