16 ultimate ways to be an effective person

We all regularly hear our bosses and at times, even our parents telling us, “You need to become more punctual”, “You need to increase your efficiency level.” Did you wonder what exactly would go into making that happen, and how you’d be able to score a 10/10 on their check-list of an effective person? Well, here is a small list that will help you.

1. Wake up early

The biggest pain in the ass – waking up early!
Yes, it is the most cursed time of the day, especially on a Monday morning. I believe, even our CEOs curse this hour of the day! But the fact remains, to become agile and effective, we would have to tread of this torturous path.

alarm blast


2. Work out

The next most cursed thing after waking up is to work out. Working out will not only reduce your weight but will keep you active through out the day, improve your metabolism levels and give a boost to your immune system. Adjusting it in your daily schedule may not be easy, but once set, you‘d never want it out.riding a bike


3. Have a good breakfast

One of the few things that everyone would happily agree with is having a filling sumptuous breakfast. A good breakfast makes your mood agile and happy.

breakfast cereals


4. Read the newspaper

The strange habit where people claim they know everything from the 28 something newspaper pages in just an hour of glancing at it. Funny as it may sound, this extra bit of information can go a long way in not only winning arguments at the office, but even show a smart and intelligent side of yours to the opposite sex. reading


5. Go to work

Other than enabling you to get bundles of money, going for work keeps you active, helps improve your efficiency level, keeps you connected with like-minded people and increases your productivity level on a holistic basis.working-hard


6. Respect everyone

A clichéd yet crucial point – Give Respect, Get Respect! No matter how good your productivity levels are and how well you fare at everything you take up, if you fail to show respect to your seniors and juniors, there are less likely chances of them appreciating your effective work!alladdin


7. Try to learn something new everyday

This point should be written in BOLD Red letters. If one fails to have the desire to know something new or try something different everyday, there are all the chances of him failing to cope with the dynamic world – leading to his failure.learning


8. Have a healthy lunch

The second thing after breakfast that would bring a smile on your face. ;) While we all know how hectic our schedules are, we should never resort to grabbing the quick bite to rush things forward. Make sure that you take out at least half an hour to have a nutritious and filling lunch meal.futurama


9. Come back home

Being hippie is in vogue but not for long! An effective person would make sure that no matter what time and where he parties or meanders to, he would come back home to her abode.coming home


10. Give time to your family

Balance is a must in life. The next thing after coming home is giving time to the most precious people in your life – your family. Have a good time with them.



11. Practice at least one soft skill

Today is a rosy day, tomorrow may be a gloomy day; things may fall in place today and they may shatter tomorrow, but if you have your soft skills i.e., interpersonal skills learnt well, you will traverse through each phase with content and a smile on your face. You may choose to improve upon your language skills, leadership skills, take up a seminar for honing them, anything in your free time would surely add value and aid you becoming more effective.

soft skill


12. Have at least one hobby

You have a job is today, it may not be tomorrow, but a good hobby shall fetch you value today, tomorrow and forever.
Choose a hobby from art to rock climbing, from sculptures to dancing. dance


13. Play at least one sport

Well, if you are not a workout fan, you could indulge in a sport to keep your adrenaline gushing. It will help you maintain discipline, gel with people and build sportsmanship.

practice a sport


14. Read as much as you can

Though reading the newspapers helps, it should restrict you from touching other reading materials. Magazines, novels, coffee table books, online articles and blogs are perfect sources of knowledge.



15. Make as many friends as you can

Networking is the key to anyone’s success. And the fruits of it can only be tasted by building the right connections. Socializing is not only good for your health but also helps you score an ace in being an effective individual.



16. Go to bed early

Well, waking up early is just half of the process, the other half gets completed with even going early to bed. As it is rightly said – Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man, healthy wealthy and wise.

early to bed



You’re only human, not a machine. Try not to follow the conventional sayings of being an effective person!

Create your own personality.

Work hard, play harder

And don’t give a rat’s ass to what others think of you, until and unless you go to bed with these two:-

1. Thinking that your day was productive. (Unlike, Lebanon’s economy!)

productive smile


2. Feeling you are happy.

content smile peter pan


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