14 mind-blowing baking hacks every aspiring baker should try

Inside everyone dwells an aspiring baker. Yes, that’s 100% true. And every baker needs some time saving hacks to get the baking going. Here are 14 amazing baking hacks which will get you through the day in your kitchen with lesser worries and more smiles. And if you are a baker, and you know the art of baking a fluffy cake, these tips will ease the heavy and messy work your do in the kitchen.

1. Use a glass to give a nice design to your cookies before you throw them in the oven.

perfect design for the cookies


2. Use parchment paper while baking a brownie to have a clean baking dish.



3. To make sure the baking soda is good to use put half a teaspoon of it in 1/2 cup of hot water. If the bubbles do not appear, it is time to throw the baking soda away.

baking soda hack


4. Do this with powdered sugar in case you are out of frosting! Thank me, later. :)

icing with sugar


sugar and lace for that perfect icing


5. Keep your cookies moist and soft by placing an apple slice or an orange peel in the jar.

store cookies with bread to keep them moist and soft


6. You can use a Wine Bottle as a Rolling Pin. You are welcome! :)

You can use a Wine Bottle as a Rolling Pin.


7. If you are making something likely to stick to your fingers, wet your hands and go!

wet your hands to work with sticky food


8. Make homemade cake with a purchased box cake by adding an extra egg and butter instead of cooking oil. Mmmm… the aroma of freshly baked cake is priceless!

homemade cake by adding an extra egg and butter instead of oil


9. Get rid of bubbles in your cake by dropping the dish with cake batter a few times on the kitchen counter. This will release the bubbles. 

drop the cake a few times on the counter to get ris of the bubbles


10. What! You just ran out of frosting? Don’t fret! Use marshmallows instead. Place on top of your cupcakes, bake for just 5 minutes. 

marshmallow frosting on a cupcake voila


11. To take out egg shells from a dish, wet you finger and dip it in the dish, the shell will gravitate toward your finger. 



12.  Ripen bananas by putting them in the oven for 40 minutes at 300F.  They will get the perfect texture for a nice banana bread.

Ripen bananas by putting them in the oven for 40 minutes at 300F


13. Don’t throw the burnt cookies away! Use a cheese grater and grate the cookie. 

grate the burnt cookies and no one will know


14. Bonus! 

These baking hacks will do the trick next time you decide to take over the kitchen.

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