#AwkwardAntakshari – the perfect game for those uncomfortable family moments

Antakshari- every family’s favourite game to play together. What happens when you introduce the girl of your dreams to your conservative family who is a really big fan of the game?

the girl of your dream

What do you do to handle your mother who’s pissed off with your girl for not acting sanskaari enough?


You propose to play your favourite family game, Antakshari.

antakshari is a serious game

And your overly passionate family joins in! 

maayin maayin
                                                     Maayin Maayin Muder Pe Teri!

Everything is going smooth until!

chaudawi ka chand
                                                                                        Chaudawi ka chand ho!

 One wrong move made!

ho gaya hai tujko toh pyaar sajna
                                                Ho gaya hai tujko toh pyaar sajna…!

Popular YouTube comedian, Sanjay Manaktala has brought a hilarious sketch, Awkward Antakshari that lightheartedly highlights the many personalities we have in our families who take the game way too seriously.

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