Attention people in mid-twenties! 8 Reasons you should get married soon

You might have already heard it a lot of from your aunties, uncles, grand parents and even your mum “beta, umar kya hai? Shaadi karlo”. The whole scene of frightening thoughts hover over your mind but you step out of the house andtry to think as less as you can about them.

But, hey! Wait. There are a few things we trust you don’t know about marrying in the mid-twenties which might make you rethink your decision of saying a no or may be just respect the marriage system.

Reason # 1: You are getting old!

Yes, you are. As the earth is not going stop revolving around the sun, you cannot stay 18 forever! So to avoid handling all the troubles alone in the old age, find someone and grab their hand to move along in your journey. Don’t think you can die alone!



Reason # 2: Licensed Sex

Damn yes! Being married means licensed sex with your partner.



Reason # 3: Become parents

Agree or not, one day you will want to have a family.



Reason # 4: The Shoulder to rest your head on

After your family, your heart will always ache for that someone with a beautiful heart who will always be permanent in your life.



Reason # 5: Good food + Healthy Life = Long You Live

Get ready to bid all your favourite restaurants big ‘farewell’. Marriage makes you a better cook, you get interested in making yums for your tums, eventually leading a healthy life; mentally a.w.a physically.



PS: Studies show that singles live 40% lesser than married people. WOW!!

Reason # 6: The Baraat

Keeping aside all the after effects (deal with those later), the pompous show on the D-day is awaited eagerly and it is just fabulous. The decorations, the celebrations, the food, the dance, the “mehendi”, the flowers, the colors, the moist eyes, oh… What not!? The bride ki choli and, the groom ke dost and sherwani.. ;) Who would want to miss that?



Reason # 7: Long Lasting Love

Eventually even ‘Brangelina’ got married, after a long courtship, just because they knew and were sure about their love for each other.



Reason # 8: Companion in all matters of life

Your partner can be an additional financial support. You will have your pile of bills, loans, etc. but you will also have your partner sharing all that. You can even share your work. Isn’t it lovely?



This is seriously not our attempt to get you married.  We only like you to see marriage as it is. :)