Frustrated Bengaluru-based artist brings a fiber crocodile to swim in a giant pot hole

This artist is curious to know why the authorities can’t see what real citizens can see.
A huge 12-feet-long pot hole was bothering the residents and daily commuters on the Sulthanpalya Main Road in north Bangalore. The authorities ignored and did not pay heed to the many complaints and requests received to repair this giant pot hole and a broken water pipe located in the middle of a main street. Of course, the rains and the usual traffic going through the pot hole made the situation worse.

croccodile on the street

Frustrated by the lack of attention given to public needs, a 36-year-old visual artist, Baadal Nanjundaswamy created a life-sized crocodile to take a swim in the temporary pond on the middle of the street, on Thursday. The fiber crocodile was made within a week and costs Rs. 6000, a cost that the artist happily paid so that the issue could get the much needed attention.

crocodile and the artist

“A drinking water pipe broke about a month ago. The subsequent rain and constant traffic has eroded the road creating a big pot hole. Authorities have showed no response to rectifying it. Locals have complained to the BBMP and the BWSSB to no avail. I am hoping they will take some action now,” told Indian Express.

The 9 feet long and 18 to 20 kg heavy, crocodile in the pot hole initially, acted like a prank for the onlookers and the daily commuters. A few also reported that they were about to contact officials to help get the crocodile out of the city.

Baadal Nanjundaswamy’s crocodile has gained all the attention however, he still waits for the authorities to respond. Baadal had earlier turned an uncovered man hole into ‘Yamaraj’s’ mouth to tell people that the man hole is a threat to everyone’s life. The authorities took care of it in a day.

The news information has been sourced from The Indian Express