Apple’s next-gen AirPods releasing in 2022 could put fitness trackers in your Ears

According to a Bloomberg report, The next-gen of Apple AirPods pro, the rumored follow-up to the noise-canceling AirPods Pro, will reportedly launch in 2022 and support exclusive fitness tracking features. 

Mark Gurman reports that the new AirPods and AirPods Pro will land this year and in 2022, respectively. AirPods Pro is supposedly going to have updated motion sensors with fitness tracking and will make “the first change” to one of the best wireless earbuds since the pair of buds released in October 2019. Given that Apple has lately been focusing on health and services like Fitness+, offering exercise videos, it makes sense that the AirPods pro might be more health and fitness-oriented. However, it wouldn’t be an uncommon idea. There are as of now earphones that can monitor your pulse, while the Amazon Echo Buds 2 is fit for recording steps, distance, length, calories, and speed in ‘Workout’ mode.

Gurman goes on to report that Apple has considered an AirPods Pro plan change that disposes of the stems. It apparently plans to make a big appearance the look on new Beats-branded wireless earbuds, similar to the ones LeBron James may have been wearing in a new Instagram fit pic.

The leaked image claiming to be AirPods 3 by 52Audio

The report also goes on to state that Apple will try to shorten the stem of the base AirPods model to make it more alike to AirPods Pro. There have been various reports on whether the earbuds would support active noise cancellation (ANC) or not. As far as it concerns him, Gurman recently said they wouldn’t get a lift in solid quality, while 52Audio (which released a picture of the indicated AirPods) said the inclusion of ANC was “highly probable.”

Beyond the rumored upgrades, there haven’t been any leaks yet regarding the AirPods Pro 2 battery life, so we’re inclined to believe not much will change from the 4.5 hours of playtime (with 24 total hours through case charging).